See how TrainingSorted can streamline your organisation and Course provision, and why it is so Powerful!

Learner Management

Register and keep accurate records of Leaner Information. Keep a record of past qualifications and receive early notification of licenses and registrations expiring.

Digitally keep Learner Support Documentation
Expired License Notifications
Recieve notification of qualification expiry
Schedule Course Registrations
Record existing Grades and Qualifications
Record and view Course Results
Provide Learner Login Capabilities
Learner access to Course Resources
Online Course submissions
Generate accurate Learner Schedules


Training Management

Keep a detailed record of all staff such as Facilitators, Assessors, Moderators, and Co-Ordinators. Keep a check on their Course Provision and Certification. Receive early notification of the expiry of their Certifications and Registrations.

Reflect current Course Material for downloads
Ensure Assessor Certfication and Registration
Allocate a Facilitator to the Course
Allocate an Assessor to the Course
Generate accurate Training schedules
Assessor login capabilities
Repository of all Trainer details
Course performance histories


Logistics Managment

TrainingSorted allows you to manage Resources and Venues and book them for specific Course sessions. This ensures the efficient use of resources and venues..

Avoid Venue and Resource Conflict
Book Course Resources and Venues
View Booked Resources and Venues
Record all Course Venues and Details
Keep a Record of applicable Resources
Ensure availability of Course resources
Ensure adequate Venue sizes


Are you a Training or Education provider? See what TrainingSorted can do for you!
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Course Registration

The Courses are registered as Templates on TrainingSorted and can be selected when required. All details and requirements relating to the Course is defined to ensure that Courses are always efficiently organised.

Detailed registration of Course details
Capture Course Purpose and Outcomes
Specify capacity Constraints
Define standard Course Locations and Venues
Set duration of Theoretical , Practical and Assessment sessions
Define Personnel and Resources needed
Capture NQF levels and credits
Set mandatory Learner documentation required


Course Scheduling

Once registered, Courses can be scheduled for the dates and periods they are to be presented. This scheduling allows complete organisation of Course presentations and ensures that everyone involved knows their role, time and place and that Venues and Resources are assigned. The following details are set per course:

Duration and Date of the Course
Set Session Dates and Times
Assign the required personnel
Register Learners
Reserve Venues for Sessions
Book necessary Resources
Print Course Schedules
Add any relevant notes and tasks


Stay Organised

TrainingSorted provides a variety of tools to stay organised and up to date with the progress of Courses. These tools provide a complete overview of all activities, registrations and an indication of the Course performance. This ensures everyone involved is up to date and that courses can be presented successfully.

Detailed Training Calendar
Complete Visual Dashboards
In-depth Reporting Capabilities
Resource booking management
Venue Usage Schedule
Identifiable Profile images
Training Personnel and Learner Schedules
Learner Achievements and Historical Information


Are you a Training or Education provider? See what TrainingSorted can do for you!
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TrainingSorted can be fully customised by defining the specific types associated with all of its functions. These customisations ensure that the application operates according to your organisation’s needs. The following aspects can be defined:

Custom registration fields and details
Course Venues and Locations
Roles and Permissions of Training
Course Classifications and Categories
Document, Tasks and Resource types
Varied User Types
Learner Achievements and Levels associated with Courses
Course Frameworks and Modules



TrainingSorted is completely web based, which means the application can be opened and run from anywhere, at any time on any device; all that is needed is an internet connection. Because it is cloud based the application also does not require any messy installations or updates.

No Installation
No updates
100% cloud based
Automatic backups
Available anywhere
Mobile compatible
If further Integration is required with your in house systems, contact us as we can assist.