What is TrainingSorted?

TrainingSorted is an Internet based Training Management Solution that can be used by any organisation offering training and education to clients or its staff at any level. The management suite has been designed to support all administrative tasks related to the management of Learners and their Expiring Qualifications, Training Personnel and their Accredidation Expiries, Course Scheduling, Logistics Management and the end Results of it all.

  • • Learner Registration
  • • Trainer Management
  • • Expiring Licenses
  • • Training Calendar
  • • Course Logistics
  • • Learner Results



Are you an orgranisation that provides any form of Training? Do you wish to take the hassle out of registering learners, scheduling courses, keeping track of expiring licenses, expiring registration and managing course resources?



TrainingSorted allows you to streamline the training by handling the administrative side of things. From the registration of Learners and Courses to the Scheduling of Sessions, booking of resources and venues.



The application has simple, easy to use interfaces and is cloud based which means it can be used from anywhere at any time as long as you have a connection to the internet. This also ensures that all your data is backed up and ready to be accessed whenever, and wherever you may need it.

How It Works

TrainingSorted automates all the administration activities relating to the provision of training. Simply register the people involved, dates and resources and see how your courses run efficiently.

  • Register Learners and Training Personnel
  • Create Training Schedule
  • Schedule Training Duration
  • Register Learners on the Course
  • Assign Certified and Registered Staff to Courses
  • Book Resources and Venues for Training Sessions
  • Monitor Progress and Generate Reports
  • Record Results and Award Qualifications

Discover more about how it works right here.

100% User Friendly

Whether you are a novice or expert user, TrainingSorted has been developed to be usable by anyone at anytime, anywhere!

  • Self explanatory interfaces
  • Easy to learn
  • Visual Navigation
  • Fully mobile compatible
  • Predefined User Permissions
  • Admin, Staff and Learner logins
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